Just Add People

The difference between a good and great idea? Collaboration! 84 Agency team member Tim Ward talks about the importance of working together to solve problems.

Collaboration. That’s the key to success or at the very least, that’s the key to mine.

What do I love most about it? I love the symphony of ideas that result from a group of people coming together to solve a problem or issue. In this model, no idea is more important than the other and a resulting harmony develops that lifts the individual higher as he or she becomes part of the collective energy.

I know, I know, it sounds idealistic, but isn’t that the point? Without collaboration we are forced into a well of isolation where creativity is limited. With collaboration an endless sea of possibilities exist. If isolation is the well, collaboration is the irrigation system that takes our individual creativity on a journey much further than we ever could have achieved on our own.

Sure, there are casualties along the way, but that’s the beauty of collaboration – it’s both democratic and naturally selective. Each idea is made stronger by the next and in turn, each person gains greater perspective, as the solution grows closer.

This model of collaboration is what I love most about 84 Agency and our approach to problem solving. Fundamentally, we understand that our ideas, efficiency and impact are exponentially greater when we collaborate.  Working with the client through this process immeasurably increases the likelihood of success. For us, collaboration isn’t a single tool but the entire mechanism where all our resources are used to keep the wheel spinning.

The worst part?  If more global, national and state problems were solved this way, we’d be out of a job and we’d all be happier for it. Until that day comes, we’ll keep leading by example in hopes that it sticks.