Meet 84: Carly Thaw, Intern Extraordinaire

We asked our amazing and talented Summer intern, Carly Thaw to tell us a little bit about herself. Below are her responses!

1. Name: Carly Thaw

2. From: Charleston, WV

3. Current school: American University

4. What about 84 agency attracted you?: I have always been interested in advocacy work but never felt like the front lines was where I was needed but didn’t know why. As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that working behind the scenes to bring everyone’s hard work to life is where I belong and what I’m best suited to. I love when creative people use their skills to do something amazing, and 84 Agency definitely does that. 84 Agency is the perfect blend of creativity and advocacy. It allows for art, but keeps the political fight right in front of me, right where I like it.

5. What is your favorite thing(s) about WV: I love being able to say: I am from West Virginia. It starts conversations and gives me a platform for debate. Being from West Virginia also comes with built-in pride. No matter how frustrated I get with the great Mountain State, I can’t help but fall back in love with the country roads every time I come home.

6. Favorite hobby: Drawing — at every free moment

7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: I can see myself working with something similar to 84 Agency. I want to do graphic design, so designing for an organization or campaign that I truly believe in would be ideal.