As the number of American consumers demanding products made locally (and ethically and sustainably) grows, so does the importance of establishing a reliable domestic supply chain that supports local communities.

A member-governed network of textile manufacturers based in Western North Carolina—historically, the textile capital of the U.S.—the Carolina Textile District (CTD) understands the impact that values-driven, place-based production can have. By connecting makers, designers, and entrepreneurs to local manufacturers, educational programs, and other essential resources, CTD is actively revitalizing the region’s economy as well as the textile industry’s future.

CTD’s work is all about connection and innovation, and they came to us hoping we could help build them a website that would more clearly communicate these values and assist them in executing their mission.

Due to the existence of certain creative and practical constraints (for instance, requirements to develop the new website in Squarespace and to integrate a pre-existing logo and partial color palette), we were tasked with innovating within these boundaries to better tell CTD’s story and elevate their work.


Step 1

First, we sat down with members of CTD’s team to explore the nuances of their brand and their vision for its future development.

Together, we identified goals for their new website and began brainstorming how it could better reflect and serve their core values and mission.

Step 2

Following our initial meeting we started researching and prototyping.

We reviewed responses from CTD staff members to a survey that assessed the strengths and shortcomings of their current website. Then, we developed a new sitemap and content outline, drafted copy, and got to work on the design. Soon, we had mockups of several key pages ready to share.

Step 3

We presented the proposed sitemap and prototypes to the CTD team.

Step 4

Having gathered and implemented feedback from CTD’s team, we worked on developing the remaining pages of the website using the design theme of the prototypes. Then we started building the website in Squarespace.

Step 5

With the development in Squarespace completed, we presented the finished website.

Step 6

Using the visual elements and messaging we generated for the website, we finalized and delivered a new brand guidelines document to CTD.

Step 7

Finally—website launched!

In developing the Carolina Textile District’s new website, 84 Agency was a tremendous ally— both in ideation and execution. Carolina Textile District is built on collective voice. Joining a multitude of voices into a cohesive brand identity is a daunting task, but 84 Agency approached each challenge with the spirit of cooperation that we so deeply value.”

— Kathryn Ervin, Storytelling Manager at The Industrial Commons

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