Even in a place with a long agricultural history, it’s possible for disconnect to exist between members of the local community and the local food system.

Realizing that this was the case in Fayette County, a few forward-thinking community members decided to make a change: they purchased 80 acres of farmland and transformed it into a space that could belong to and serve everyone in the community. Through these efforts, the New Roots Community Farm came to life. We partnered with the Fayette County Resource Coordinator’s Office (RCO) to develop a brand that would authentically represent their vision for the farm and speak to the diverse audiences they hoped would engage with the project.


Step 1

The Fayette County RCO reached out to us after having purchased the farm. They asked us to help them develop a brand for project that accurately captured its unique vision and locally-rooted identity.

Step 2

We traveled to Fayette County to learn more about the community’s vision for the project. We met with the farmers, key stakeholders, and county officials involved in imagining the project and bringing it to life. Then we visited the farm itself.

Step 3

After speaking with members of the Fayette County community, we developed three distinct brand directions for the farm. The option they selected was inspired by our research into art and communication materials from Mexican labor movements during the early to mid-1900s.

Step 4

We developed a logo and brand guidelines which included visual identity elements, key messaging, and guidance on communicating with specific audiences.


New Roots Community Farm aims to provide a space for members of the community to come together to generate solutions to disparities in their local food system.

Their vision is one that depends upon the participation of farmers of all ages and experience, as well as regional community members, consumers, tourists, funders, and many more. It requires making room for both the old and the new, and keeping sight of reality while simultaneously charting a path toward something better—a stronger farm economy and greater access to healthy, locally-grown foods.

We understood that, in order for this vision to come to fruition and be inclusive of such diverse audiences, it was essential for the farm’s branding to reflect its full complexity. The brand we helped develop balanced respect for heritage with emphasis on innovation, and hope for the future with an acknowledgement of present challenges. By paying close attention to these nuances throughout our process, and crafting all graphic and messaging elements accordingly, we assisted New Roots in stepping into an identity that felt genuine to them—and equipped them with the tools to communicate their identity and vision compellingly to all members of the community.

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