Looking to move a formerly in-person conference to virtual? Want to develop a way to connect your remote team? At 84 Agency, we love to partner to develop virtual gatherings that help us feel together—apart. 


Technology Support

84 Agency can run tech for your meeting, so your internal team can focus on being present, facilitating, or participating in your virtual gathering. We typically recommend the following ratios: 1 person for up to 20 people; 2 people for up to 60 people; 3 people for 61+. However, every meeting is different, so we always do a thorough expiration of your agenda to make sure we have the right number of people to make the experience feel seamless to participants.



Whether it’s playing the role of emcee or facilitating the entire gathering, we can help. Facilitate means to make things easier. While we don’t believe facilitation itself is easy (we consider it an art form), we do know that good facilitation is the foundation to meeting your goals. And if we can make meeting your goals easier, then we are doing our job. Our lead facilitator has worked with over 40 organizations and has over a decade of experience crafting transformative experiences.


Agenda Assistance

We believe virtual gatherings can be transformative experiences. However, that doesn’t happen without thought or attention, and a thoughtful structure makes all the difference. Whatever you’re pulling together, be it a meeting or a conference, we can help make sure it’s not just another Zoom meeting.


Speaker Consultation

Even the most adept of speakers struggle in a virtual setting. Lecture-style content delivery is a challenging modality for engagement in a virtual gathering. However, creating a few opportunities for engagement in a lecture-style presentation can make a huge difference in participant learning and engagement. We work with speakers to thoughtfully consider ways to make their presentation more engaging, and to make your whole gathering more successful.


Marketing and Design Support

One of the things that can make gatherings feel special is the physical setting. In a virtual setting, we still believe it’s possible to pull together the things that make it feel like we’re really together. Whether it’s sending a branded care package to participants in advance, or issuing an invitation that will make people really feel invited, we’re happy to partner. Below are some of the ways we have helped organizations with graphic design and marketing support:

  • RSVP and invitation design, physical or virtual
  • Conference website landing page design
  • Branded materials for care packages
  • Branded presentation templates
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Paid advertising strategies designed to recruit participants
  • Copywriting for invitation and reminder emails to participants


Video editing

If you want to memorialize your gathering, our team can edit the recording to make it ready to share with participants. We cut out the pre-meeting chatter, remove blocks of time where there was no content delivery (like when participants are in breakout rooms), and make sure you share a product you can be proud of.


Script writing

If you’re hosting a formal gathering, we’re happy to work with you to write a script that supports your team in a word-perfect delivery. We’ve found this to be helpful for clients who have some nerves about what to say, or for clients who are working with dignitaries or other individuals used to having prepared remarks.


Let’s Get Creative!

Our team loves a challenge. Want to create something different and truly special? Let us know! We have crafted a video of participants reading a poem—a line for each one—that got revealed at the gathering. We have created “group pics” with everyone dressing to theme. We have designed virtual scavenger hunts for team building. It’s these special moments that stick in the minds of participants, and we enjoy thoughtfully considering what will mean the most at your gathering.