We help change makers tell compelling stories to connect with people and make an impact.

84 Agency has been our creative partner for five years. Jen and Carling have spent hours upon hours talking with people who depend upon Covenant House for housing and other essential basic needs.

Our work isn’t easy, and it is frequently misunderstood.  84 Agency has been able to illustrate portraits of resiliency and hope with the dignity of every single person at the heart of their work.

We are grateful to 84 Agency for their skillful touch in communicating our impact to our community.”

Ellen Allen

Executive Director, Covenant House

Blake Warenik

Director of Communications, National Children’s Alliance

When they dreamed up the SHINE Campaign, 84 Agency didn’t look at it as a way to solve a problem for a nonprofit—they looked at it as a way to fix a problem with the world. They looked not only to their own passion to build a more just, kinder world, but also to the key moments in history where our forebears actually made it happen, and then bottled that lightning.

Not everyone is ready for our message just yet, but for those who are, I’ve never seen people so thoroughly consumed with zeal to effect the change promised by a simple idea.”

84 Agency was a delight to work with. We had a blast at our discovery meeting where they presented our team with the opportunity to learn more about our own project.

The conversations we had informed our brand as well as helped our team get on the same page about what our project really represents. Our newly developed brand is stronger because of it, and we couldn’t have asked for more.”

Fayette County Resource Coordinator’s Office

New Roots Community Farm

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